I know this is probably old hat to many of you who already work in the book publishing industry, or have published a book, but I just took a deep breath, put my head down and registered online for an ISBN #. It’s not cheap, let me tell you, but the initial reaction to the book has been so positive that I feel it’s a good investment. With an ISBN # I can sell the book at or in bookstores (I also sprang for the bar code – I am now officially part of the ‘sign of the beast’)

I’m still fuzzy eyed from the past few weeks of intensive proofreading – and so are several others I roped/cajoled/hired into it! But I’ve heard some really positive things from folks who have actually READ the book, and that is lovely. I have to steele myself to hear some bad things, too – yikes – the hardest part of any endeavor!

BTW – here’s Colleen’s great sweater on Hannah’s doll…

This is her first sweater – do I have amazing students or what!

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