Reality Check

I had a brief thought yesterday afternoon that maybe I rushed the publication of the book – what’s the hurry, after all…

Then on my way out to the Dancing Goat last night for my Monday evening knitting, I tripped over a box from Knitters with all of my submissions returned. Actually, I think this is the first time I’ve submitted to them and they didn’t take one thing. Oh, well.

Then this morning Gerry just found out that he did not get the job – they went with someone who has more PR experience (nuts). So, all things considered, I’m so GLAD that I published the book when I did or I might have wallowed into a funk and not have published it for a few more weeks.

On the bright side, I’m blown away with the number of books that are selling – too amazing! I hope they keep up this pace after folks start reading them – I’m relying heavily on word of mouth for this endeavor (although I may take out an ad in the knitting mags when I actually get my ISBN number!)

There was a glitch (mine) whereby I selected the wrong manuscript for publishing for the first few copies. There’s nothing wrong with the manuscript that printed, it’s complete, there are about 8 typos through the book that I had neglected to fix, though (not pattern related, stupid spelling word related…) If you get one of these, I apologize. Hey – look at it this way – it can be a collectors edition!

Thanks to Eklectica for the groovy button she made for me. Glad the cats are fine!

Steal it if you like, I love it, myself!

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