My First Review!

Emma is the first to review the book – and I think her comments are right on the money. Her criticism is valid and very helpful, and her comments are overall quite positive (which I love, of course!)

An errata page will be up later today – and, beauty of publishing on demand, I can take comments about errata, typos, layout problems to heart and fix them right away for new copies of the book. Changing the fonts for the heading was a ‘bright idea’ that I had right at the end of the design process, and I can see that it wasn’t the best one I had…

Her comments about ‘who is the audience for the book’ are on the money, too – as I wrote to her this morning, it’s one of the problems I had when approaching publishers about the book. I think I was writing the book for myself, just 10 years ago, before I figured out a new way to look at some basic knitting problems.

I guess the book is not really for a raw beginner (although a new knitter with enthusiasm will grasp what I’m saying). It’s probably too basic for a very advanced knitter – I’m hoping that the essays and reflections will be worth the price of admission (and perhaps change some attitudes about knitting and how we view ourselves as knitters!)

Thanks to Emma for taking the time to write her thoughts on the book so clearly! I look forward to hearing from all of you who bought the book. If you feel more comfortable emailing me, please do!

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