Mommio posted her finished ballet neck cardigan – oh baby does that make me proud!

When I design a sweater and it’s published, I always wonder about the ‘afterlife’ of a pattern. Sometimes knitters will tell me they’ve knit up something I’ve designed, and at times I even run into folks wearing one of “my” sweaters – that makes me feel so good. But seeing what a delicious job Mommio did on the sweater (SET!) makes me kvell [go ask Debela]

…and more pride!

Michelle at Fibernation has also finished the ballet neck cardi – but this time in a handspun wool of many lovely colors! It’s worth a checkout (and it looks great!) Wow, maybe a knit-along is in order?

Also, apparently my comments aren’t showing up. I’m seeing them, but I’m on IE and maybe that’s why I can see them..? If you’re a visitor to my blog and my comments link isn’t showing up, drop me a line and let me know.

Book sales have topped 100 and I have a few shops/catalogs interested in carrying the book – very exciting! I’m working on a Large Type Version for the segment of the knitting population who want to prop the book up at a distance and read it while knitting! I think I’ll make the large type version wire bound and see what folks like better…

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