First Wholesale Order

Well, I just sent out my first wholesale order of the book. I’ve been getting some really wonderful comments – positive and very helpful! Here are some notes I should let you in on:

ï As per Emma’s review, the heading and subhead fonts have been changed from Typo (script-y) to SchoolText Font. I hope this makes them more readable!

ï The book is really packed with information, so I’ve added more space between lines of type. I’ve also added a few pages so I could spread out some of the image-heavy pages and make the book easier on the eyes.

ï The felted vest pattern now has all sizes listed – it’s written for sizes XS – XXL.

ï Due to an oversight on my part, I uploaded the wrong text file into Quark (twice – duh!) Therefore some typos weren’t corrected until the revision uploaded two days ago. I apologize for the typos, I know how annoying they can be. Perhaps we could consider them an exercise in embracing the beautiful imperfection of Annie… [slap me]

I think I’ve found a printer to produce larger (ha!) quantities, so very shortly I should be able to ship books directly from my home and also supply yarn shops & catalogs with bulk orders much more cheaply than I’d be able to do at Cafepress. It’s amazing – I’ve been getting a lot of requests for bulk copies from catalogs & yarn shops – wonderful!

Once again – thanks to everyone for your kind support and criticism (both good and bad!) I will try to keep making the book better and better.

Due to popular demand, I have recently added a wire-ring-bound edition, to lay flat. I’ll also be adding a large-type edition, but these last two versions will only be available through cafepress.

Dont’ forget: If you like the book, or if you just want to help me out, please do tell your local yarn shop (or email your local online yarn catalog or bookstore) about my book. I have an ISBN number (0-9754219-0-5) and hope to get this up via Amazon and B& shortly! Requests for the book can’t hurt!

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