Mmmmmm, creamy…

I woke up with a killer sore throat today – not surprising considering the weather (cold/hot/cold/wet/dry/hot/cold) and incredible body aches. I also woke up with a little red-headed girl in my bed complaining of a sore throat and that she “hurt all over” – so the Hannah-miester is home today from school. Upstairs eating cream of wheat and watching the Card Captor’s movie with her little brother (who doesn’t go to school until noon). Of course, I’m finishing up the cream of wheat. Nothing better when the throat is sore than tea and a nice smooth, hot cereal!

This weekend I moved the spiral bound book sales to my website (see box at right). I can’t afford at this time to print both perfect and spiral bound in any kind of quantity, so I’m going to press with the spiral bound and those who want to get the perfect bound book can buy it at cafe press.

When I did the numbers I realized that – with the first class postage I’m charging ($1.76 vs. $4.00 Cafepress charges) – the spiral book is actually a trifle cheaper than the perfect bound. Go figure.

I’m repeating the offer for anyone who’s purchased a book at cafe press – if you’d like to get a spiral bound version at half price ($9.50) click on the “wholesale order” link and follow the instructions. I figure it’s the least I can do for the wonderful support I’ve been shown in the first few weeks of this book’s printing! And you can always give away the first book to a friend and keep the spiral bound for yourself!

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