Flu – again…

Body aches, fever, chills, headach and nausea. Yep, it’s the flu!

I’m going to have to cancel my class tonight, which is so disappointing (I love that class!)

It’s this friggin’ changing weather, I tells ya! However, we did plant a mimosa tree this weekend and I have an elm tree that I need to plant in the next few days – the rain is terrific for that!

On the knitting front, I will have two items in Melanie Falick’s new Holiday Book, which is really great – one project is a knit wire menorah, the other a tablecloth. I also got confirmation that a sweater I really love will be in IK winter – now I just have to knit this stuff up!

Finishing up the crocheted girl’s sweater and finishing another sweater for Spirit Trail Fibers (blue boucle – mmmmm!)

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