Truth in Advertising

Man, if I could have another kid I’d name it NyquilÆ!! with the trademark sign and everything – very caLifoRnia

I took NyquilÆ last night and got the best nights sleep I’ve had in months – yahoo! Still have a sore throat (in fact, I can’t really speak at all) and still feel blah, but well rested!

Writing crochet patterns is so much different than writing knitting patterns – wow, am I in over my head with this stuff! I’ll fight through it, and will get much assistance from the editors at IK I’m sure, but man – you crocheters must be noo-Q-ler engineers! The sweater is looking cute – I hope Pam likes it (I sort of took the ideas we hashed around and ran with them…) But I need to dedicate a good portion of today to refiguring my math to make sure I’m correct. Hate this part (well, sort of love it, but hate it when my head is pounding…)

On the home front Maxie is really pissed at me. He wants to watch “Sonic Underground” – for those of you without 5 or 6 year olds, it’s a cartoon based on the Sonic the Hedgehog character where the aforementioned Sonic, along with his sister and brother (who were abandoned by their mother because there was some danger of a prophecy coming true – it’s all in the opening song, but I’m darned if I can figure the whole thing out…) are rock musicians and crime fighters. You have to understand that so far this is the only non-PBS tv stuff we’ve let him watch (aside from the Simpsons) and lately he’s been acting out – hitting his sister pretty hard, slugging the neighbor’s kid (who has been known to slug Max himself). His punishment for the last crime was no Sonic for a week. He is very sad. He tries to slip by me, “Mom, I’m going downstairs [to the playroom with a TV] and eat my breakfast, okay?” “No. And you’re not watching Sonic.” “Awwwwww.” [head bows, he carries his waffle and milk back to his little green table]

I’m a mean, mean mom.

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