Thanks Gerry!

Yesterday I had a very minor incident in my car (I ran up on the curb and flattened two tires) and Gerry showed up about 10 minutes after I called him (okay, I was just down the street…) and changed my tires. This morning he got up and took the car to pep boys and had 4 new tires put on (we were due, to be honest, for at least two tires…)

Anyway, he was such a mensch about it – he didn’t have to be so great, but he made me feel as if I hadn’t been such a fool. Thanks Gerry!

I’m putting together a booklet of my hat patterns – it will probably take me a while, but it’s nice to get them all under “one roof” – maybe I’ll be able to add some basic millinery tips and make it a nice workbook for hat makers!

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