The Space Between…

I’m in between sweaters right now – waiting for yarn to arrive for the next project, just finished up the last one…

I do have stuff to do – wire knitting kits to make up for my classes this weekend, booklets on crocheting with wire to put together for Saturday, book marketing stuff – but I’m between sweaters and I feel like there’s a sweater spaced hole in my brain that’s waiting to be filled with a project…

The car’s sounding wonky. It was sounding that way before I did my little run up the curb this week, but I have to get it addressed before my month of travel! I just made an appt for Monday morning at 8:45 – yikes – in Denville. When I turn to the right it makes a rubbing noise, which stops when the brake is engaged, so I’m hoping it’s basically something that’s just hanging funny and rubbing against something. At any rate, we’re still covered by warrenty (I hope – sometimes they find some pretty amazing loopholes…).

The book sales continue, and I’ve received a few orders from yarn shops based on the cards I sent out (woohoo!) I’m going through a 2nd printing of the cards because I realized (too late) that I’d rather have my cell phone number as a contact than my home number (yes, it’s probably time for a 2nd phone line – we used to have one but we got rid of it when we got dsl!)

Next week is school vacation – heaven help us.

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