Man, what a great day we had yesterday!

After a rocky start in the morning (first one child, then the other, decided they didn’t want to wear mom’s clever “child of a knitting heretic” T-shirts… finally they relented and on the way home both agreed that they were proud to be a part of Team Heretic – yes, I compelled my family to all wear Knitting Heretic T-shirts; child of a… and spouse of a … – I am shameless.)

We left at 8:30 and arrived in MD a little after 12:30 (stopping for lunch and bathroom breaks along the way…) and who should I find waiting by the gate but the Knitters Review crew (the Knitting Heretic T-Shirt was proudly displayed – thank you Amie I wanted to run up and sign it!)

After some catching up and a few impromptu book sales, Bess & Jen and I did the car re-pack shuffle and I was able to show Jen a new tank top / corset cover looking item that I’m working up in her yarn. Then back to the KR crew for some walking and shopping.

Eventually I broke away because much of what I had to do needed to be solo – meeting with yarn shop owners and handing them my info card on the book, or giving them a book if they seemed likely to order a nice amount. I didn’t intend to take wholesale orders, but ended up with many – woo hoo! My apologies to Lola and anyone else I ran into, forgetting their names! I swear, I am a mess if I don’t have stuff written down in front of me!

We discovered the secret man’s bathroom and the secret entryway there – but Hannah was devastated that Andy & Joey Mangham (of Mangham Manner) weren’t at the show yesterday – they were at the Aquarium with dad, darn! Foruntately for the broken hearted, the kids LOVED their classes – Max took the God’s Eye class (he made a new one in the car home, he LOVED it!) and Hannah took the Japanese Braiding class, which really interested me, too!

We were all so exhausted, but had promised the kids dinner at Cracker Barrel, so even though there was a 20 minute wait we had a great time rocking in front of the restaurant and then had a very filling dinner. Unfortunately, at the end of dinner I realized I’d cracked a molar, but I can’t imagine on what! Everything I ate was soft, so it must have been in bad shape. It’s not painful, but definitely needs to be dealt with. I’ll call our dentist tomorrow and see how open he is to a loooooong term payment plan.

Gerry signed us up for some kind of medical account which is supposed to allow us to obtain medical services at the same prices negotiated by the insurance companies. This may reduce my asthma maintenance med from $120/month to something more managable. I don’t even want to talk about my hormone therapy, which I’ve stopped taking because of it’s cost (having no ovaries, I need some kind of HRT – the black cohosh & soy that I take every day just aren’t doing it 100% for me…)

Hmm, somehow I always end up talking healthcare. Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow, because I’m sure that if I can get an appt to see the doc, there’s going to be more wrong than just a cracked tooth…

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