Smilin’ Again!

The tooth is fixed (thank you Dr. Sabin!) and I’m happy again! Now if I could only get my new Zire21 to hotsync (what an annoyance!)

I sent out an email with new classes yesterday to my list of interested parties. If you’d like an update on my classes and didn’t get one in your email, please email me and I’ll send it right off to you!

The new classes are listed to the right – the ones in green will be offered at my home in South Orange, NJ. I’ve heard from the Creative Strands folks that their registration isn’t filling up as quickly as they’d like, so if any of you are considering going to this fabulous fiber event and can solidify your plans now, that would help keep a lot of the classes on the roster!

I just got word that my next shipment of books was sent on Friday, so they should be arriving any day (they were sent from PA) If they arrive by tomorrow I’ll be going up to Nyack, NY for some knitting and to meet some friends I haven’t seen for a bit, and to deliver a few of the books to a newly opening yarn shop.

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