Back in Time

The past few weeks here in South Orange have been so idylic – the weather is warm, sunny – and even the thunderstorms have a cinema-esque feeling to them. I’ve watched the gang of kids from the neighborhood (Han & Max, plus two next door, four the next door down and 2 from down the street) and they look like the Little Rascals running around the backyard, playing tag, laying on the grass and staring at the clouds.

I was thinking that it almost seems as if we were living in the South Orange of the 40’s. Then our dryer broke and I had to put up a laundry line today to dry the clothes. I REALLY feel as if I’ve gone back in time (and, of course, blogging about it is a little surreal!)

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I was REALLY hoping to be selected for Colonial House (the PBS reality show) I’m sure there were valid reasons that I didn’t even make the first cut, but I think I would have been amazing. Me, with my HRT & high blood pressure medication. Oy.

I’m preparing to leave on Thursday – getting packed up and looking foward to the road trip. Those who read my blog know that I do enjoy a little white-line meditation. It helps me put things in perspective and I enjoy seeing the miles go by. We have a big country. I’ve never driven to California, but I’m trying to arrange a CA tour next Spring, so maybe I’ll drive out then…?

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