Preparing to Leave

It’s always hard to determine what one should take on a trip – especially a teaching / family mix of a journey.

Two things I wish I could take would be Hannah & Maxie. But I’m teaching and would have nothing to do with them while in Carolina, or while I’m visiting my mother in the hospital every day. The separation will be hard – for me most of all (Grandma Landy will be here while I’m gone – THANKS ELAINE!) I’ve written to the kids teachers explaining the situation so they’ll understand if the kids are having a hard time while I’m gone.

So I’ll spend the morning packing, then when Gerry gets home from work (around noon) I’ll leave to drive down to Jen’s and stay overnight, then continue down to NC on Thursday to arrive for my classes on Friday.

My classes in Virginia have been cancelled due to ongoing shop renovations at Limerick Fibers – which is kind of a relief to me, to be honest. I can get down to TX to mom a bit quicker, and perhaps home a bit sooner…

The book orders have been amazing! I’m almost completely sold out of the first print run, and have scheduled a second printing that should arrive here around 5/24. I may have some shipped to Texas as I’ll be leaving there around 5/25 or 5/26 if all is well.

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