On Ze Road Again….

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the John Candy & Eugene Levy in The Shmenge Bros, The Last Polka but they’re version of “on the road again” has been in my head for days.

Why? Because I’m (one, two, one-two-three) “On ze road again…”

I left on Wed and stayed overnight with Jen and her beautiful family (what gorgeous kids! – what a nice husband!) in Va – then continued down to NC and stayed with yet another Jen and her amazingly intuitive & gifted knitting daughter! I only met Jen’s older daughter in passing (but she was very kind to let me use her room!) but Jen’s younger daughter is a tremendously adventurous knitter – at age 13!!!

I taught several classes at Yarn Paradise in Asheville – what a great store! Renee the owner and Jen were apolgizing for the small size, but it seemed perfectly lovely to me! And what a great selection of yarns – I was very excited to prowl around the store during my classes just to see what was new!

They’re moving to a new location, just a few doors up from where they are now, in June. The new building is a charming little cottage and will have a TON more room for classes. I thoroughly enjoyed my students, who were without fail terrific and engaging! Very exciting classes.

I left this afternoon and now I’m in Tuscaloosa, AL at a Kinkos. It’s 11:00 pm on a Saturday and I can’t help but feel that I should be doing something more exciting than spending 40¢ a minute to blog. Oh well, I’ve needed to do this for a few days to clear my brain!

Clara’s review is up in Knitters Review and she’s definitely a kind soul! I love her comments, her criticism is right on target and VERY helpful – I love the thought that a book is a continuing work in progress – which seems to be the way that many knitting books develop. The review has REALLY brought in a lot of orders (which I will fill as well as I can from a distance – but I’ve got word from home that we’re officially OUT of books until the new shipment arrives at the end of this week…) and, because I’m getting to Texas sooner, I may get home sooner!

I just spoke with Gerry who told me that my mom told him (I couldn’t reach her on my cell phone so I asked him to call her) that she may be getting out of the hospital on Monday – that would be amazing, and I hope not just wishful thinking on her part. The last I heard from my sister in law, she was doing better, but would need 24/7 care for a while and they were going to try to keep her in rehab for a bit.

I have to see her to get an idea – I have to see her period.

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