Sandwich, anyone?

I’m officially a member of the sandwich generation. My mother and my son both wear pullups, with all that implies.

Mom seems to be settling into the nursing home quite well. She slept for most of the day, she still has pain but not like she did before. She loves her Vicodan and wants it all the time, which would be troubling if she weren’t 85 and full of cancer.

I want to post an apology for anyone who’s ordered a book in the past week and a half – you will be getting it soon, but it’s just been impossible for me to juggle all of this stuff and get the books shipped out when I’m not at my hub of operation. Home base. I sent out emails to most folks who ordered, and got nothing but kind responses, but I want my blog readers to know that there will temporarily be a delay in shipping until I get back home. I did get an order for a book (a SINGLE book) from a Borders in Virginia today – I need to call the store back. I feel like saying, “C’mon guys, you’re BORDERS, cough up an order for at least a dozen!”

I’m leaving here on Sunday to drive to NJ, aiming to be back on Wednesday. Boy, I wish I had satellite radio!

Today I set up phone service for mom, requested an application and started the Medicaid process and got her a programmable phone that answers no matter what button you push (it’s always been so hard for her to find the phone button when someone calls) Her phone will be on by noon tomorrow, so I have until then to find a cord long enough to go under her bed to the wall jack. It really is like moving a child into a dorm room.

Tomorrow I’m going to look for wireless headphones to go with her TV and get that moved into her room, too. I stopped in last night at 9:00 to check on her – she was asleep – and her roommate’s TV was on. Mom LOVES to fall asleep with the TV on, so it made me very happy that her roommate has the same habit.

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