Finally Home

I’m finally home, and so happy to be here!

We arrived home last evening after driving all day – Gerry, his mother and the kids in the red hyundai, Atticus and I in the green one. We won. The dining room is filled with boxes that I need to sort through and put away, I have class there tomorrow night, but today I’m taking time to update my sales records, get all of my invoices/packing labels printed and getting set up to mail out my books when they arrive tomorrow. I’m upset that the plant has taken so long to print and ship this order, and I think I’ll definitely be looking for a new printer for my next round of books!

I had a faint glimmer of hope that I might have made it to TNNA, but it’s not going to happen. I don’t think so – not unless a miracle occurs. Oh, well – all for the best, I’m sure!

The kids are very glad to be home. I’m still processing my feelings, feeling very overwhelmed above all. It will be very good to work my way back into a routine again. Thanks again for all of your very kind thoughts, comments and emails – they are a great comfort.

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