After my hysterectomy [lost a few readers there] I seemed to have lost my sense of smell. I don’t know if it was hormonal, but food had very little taste and things just didn’t have a smell.

That has changed with a vengence. I’ve been noticing it over the past few months – especially when I enjoy my chai tea – the fragrance is more enjoyable than any other part. As I was driving through Alabama last month my windows were down and it was evening. The sweet smells coming from the flowering bushes and trees that lined the highway was almost overpowering – just lovely!

We have a honeysuckle vine in our backyard – I love the smell of it! In the evening or early in the morning it’s the strongest. This morning as I was packing the car for TNNA the scent wafted over the entire backyard – I wish I could take it with me in the car!

I took a few moments to plant a hydrangea bush I bought last week, and a butterfly bush that came in the mail yesterday. It rained last night and I love to plant during or after a rain. It’s comforting to see the things I plant blooming and growing – it makes me understand why the appeal of gardening grows as one ages.

The “sticks” I planted a few months ago have already sprouted small branches and many leaves! We’ll have a Mimosa tree in our front yard and a hybrid elm in the back yard. Woo hoo!

I’ll drop Maxie off at a school friend’s house for a morning playdate, then they’ll ride the bus in together. Gerry’s home by 1:00 these days so he’ll be home to get the kids off the bus. I’m looking forward to my excursion, looking forward to being away without having any family responsibility.

I think I need to look into getting a postage meter. Anyone have any suggestions?

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