Greetings From Columbus

I’m writing from the back offices at the Columbus Hotel, where I”m staying with Rose (who will be opening her shop, Yarnivore, in Brooklyn later this year)

It’s 4:00 am and I can’t sleep. Insomnia has been a problem for the past few weeks, but tonight it’s really taken hold. Combination of things – and although the bed is incredibly comfortable, it’s not mine. Each room has a high speed internet access cable, but that doesn’t mean there’s access! So the desk clerk was kind enough to allow me to use the hotel computer to check email, and I’m taking advantage of the time to post to my blog!

The TNNA show is absolutely overwhelming. It’s my first time and I’m SO GLAD that I made the effort to get out here! What an amazing array of yarns – I only wish that the division between the knitting yarns and the needlepoint booths was more geographically directed. It’s tiring to walk miles and miles on a concrete floor (with a thin carpet, true, but still a concrete floor…) passing booth after booth of pithy sayings on canvas to finally get to the yarn at the end of the aisle. And I’m sure the needlepoint folks feel the same way!

Having said that, though, it’s been amazing to visit so many of the yarn companies that I work with, see folks at magazines that I generally don’t get to speak with in person and feel and touch new stuff! Tomorrow I’m putting in an order for some of tne nepalese silk used to knit my wire & fabric headband, and will make up kids to work it up (everyone always wants to know if I have a kit – now I will!)

Rose is a wonderful companion, we’re having the best time together! We tramped all over the show yesterday, then attended the low key but very fun IK party (exciting to see one of my scarves on a table) where I drank several more beers than I should have! Then several of us stumbled across the street for dinner, another beer and a cup of coffee. Probably part of my insomnia is the alcohol, I haven’t drank so much in months – probably years.

Tomorrow I visit some of the booths I missed, place a few orders and hit the road for the long drive back to NJ! I’ll write in more detail about some of the amazing yarns I found when I get home. It’s been so exciting to see my book at several of the booths (especially Unicorn books!) Woo hoo!

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