I think it’s the exhaustion, but I felt drained and rather blue today. Just sad – lots of driving, lots of thinking. I know I’ll have to go through a lot of sad time in the next few months, but this was a rough day. In many ways I’m glad I was alone for most of the day – I hate to cry in front of other folks!

Yesterday while chatting with Pam Allen and Debbie Bliss I mentioned how happy I was that I published my book early enough for my mom to see it and – without warning – I began sobbing. I had to walk away and collect myself – I felt like a terrible ninny. It’s like touching a bruise to see if it still hurts, then being so shocked at how sensitive the area is. I’m very grateful to Rose for being so suppotive and being, literally, a shoulder to cry on for a bit!

I came home to a daughter with a TERRIBLE sunburn – blisters on her face and shoulders – she had a Girl Scout pool party on Saturday and Daddy forgot to put sunscreen on her. Plus, she was at the Maplewood pool, which is rather more sunny than the South Orange pool (lots of shade). She gets angry at me when I insist that she wears a Tshirt over her bathing suit, but she’ll be doing that for most of the summer now – at least until her skin completely heals. The last time she got a blister burn on her face she was 3 and the next year the scars under her eyes were still visible. We redheads have painfully sensitive skin. I’m keeping her out of school tomorrow so we can see the doctor.

So while Hannah’s home I’ll be knitting up some of the delicious yarns I acquired at the show! I’m especially excited about working up a few ideas with some organic cotton and wool I got from Cottage Industry – what lovely stuff! The proprietor and I were discussing the possibility of me going out to Minnesota to teach some classes. If anyone has a yarn shop in the Twin Cities area I’d love to put together a teaching ‘tour’ to keep the expenses to a minimum!

I just got my creative strands final papers – I’m so psyched! It’s going to be like being back at college for a week (well, except I’ll be teaching…) I think we’ll have to have my mother in law come back out and stay with the kids while I’m away – I hope she’s able! She’s so wonderful to help us out like that!

I found myself actually placing ORDERS at TNNA for some stuff that I’m going to try to sell at my various teaching venues – items that I’m so excited about. I hadn’t planned on ordering anything, and I’m a little stunned and scared that I spent the money, but I think my decisions were good ones and if anyone wants a bag, let me know…

Not having a shop (and not planning on ever opening one!) I’m not looking to compete with any of my local yarn venues – but I’d love to have an opportunity to sell some bags to my students who come by for classes – so often they’re looking for them, and I was really carried away with the quality of the Dancing Cat Bags that I ordered! Cannot WAIT to see them!

One order I placed was for some lovely Nepalese Sari Silk. I’m finally going to kit up the Wire & Nepalese Silk headband that everyone seems to love so much and offer them when I teach and through my website – another cool knitting with wire project!!

I knew it was time to leave TNNA when I found myself getting petulant with a woman at a distributor’s booth who made disparaging comments about my book’s illustrations. The fact that she was right didn’t help – and the episode was not uncomfortable or nasty, but I could have been more gracious. That’s when I realized how exhausted I was and that it was time to have lunch, get in the car, put on the book on tape and start driving!

This month is a really terrible time to have run out of my serafem (prozac by another name) n’est ce pas?

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