You like me… You really like me…

I have always loved Sally Field – and I loved her more because of her Oscar speeches. I know how she feels!

I just got a sweet note from the Supervising Producer of Knitty Gritty telling me that “the grassroots campaign” has worked, and also mentioned that her inbox is getting a bit jammed, so perhaps my fans could cease and desist..?

You guys are incredible. I feel slightly abashed at having instigated this love fest (but only slightly) Wow – maybe I can get you guys to get me on Public Radio next…? And, not to sound to maudlin, but this is a time when I really need this nice vote of confidence, so thank you to everyone who wrote to Knitty Gritty. She said I’d actually already been on her list to contact, but perhaps this moves me further up the line?

Today I get back to Yoga & Knitting, which I’ve been looking forward to all week! In the morning I have a meeting regarding future books, which should be enlightening. I feel like things are starting to happen – it’s exciting – but I’m more prepared than ever for things to turn sour at any given time. Don’t think of me as a pessimist, but as a realist who knows that sometimes things work out the way you envision, sometimes they don’t – the true gift I try to find in myself is the ability to handle the downswings (and the upswings) with grace.

To be honest, sometimes I find it harder to be gracious with the successes – perhaps a lot of folks feel this way?

So, in short, you can stop writing to Knitty Gritty – you are an amazing group to have in my corner, thank you!

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