I twisted my ankle – it hurts. OUCH!

Yesterday I had my aforementioned meeting with a literary agent and it went quite well – I like him, he seems like a good guy and easy to talk with. He also had some good ideas and interesting ways to approach my writings. Mostly I appreciated that he was pretty low pressure, and I’d read some nice stuff about him on writer’s discussion boards.

As he was leaving and I was walking him to his car I stepped across a flower bed in my front yard right into a hole and twisted my ankle. It REALLY hurts. I used to twist my ankle all the time, I ripped ligaments in high school playing basketball, but I haven’t done this in quite a few years.

To his credit, he helped me inside, sat me down and fixed an ice pack for me. I hate it when folks lose their heads over minor emergencies, and I appreciated his willingness to venture into a strange pantry and find gallon sized ziplock bags.

Obviously my yoga & knitting session will be postponed, but I did invite my yoga teacher over for a few hours of knitting, so she was able to work through a problem she was having on a really lovely tank top she’s making and next week when we get together we’ll close the shoulders using a 3 needle bind off.

I knit for the rest of the afternoon, finally returning to the beautiful Spirit Trail Fibers vest that I hadn’t been able to work on while I was traveling so much. It’s amazing yarn – three types of silk – so rich, so well dyed – the colors really sing!

I think if Jen’s able, she should try to attend TNNA next year – her stuff would really shine against some of the other hand painted yarns!

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