Bridge The Gap!

The above is not an error – it’s from the Costco pharmacy website. Yes, the price for generic prozac is a mere 4% – FOUR PERCENT – what the brand name drug nets the drug company. There must be some kind of correlation that can be drawn (4% of the uninsured can actually AFFORD drugs?)

June 19th is Bridge the Gap day – a day when Americans all over our nation – the richest in the world we’re constantly reminded – will gather to protest the widening gap between insured and uninsured Americans.

I – and my husband – are two of the employed yet uninsured folks. If one of us were to become seriously ill not only would it devastate us financially, but it would cost YOU – fellow taxpayers – more than if we were to have heath insurance (and therefore maintain our health…)

I have personal reasons for supporting this movement – but even if YOU are insured, take a moment to look at the website, and perhaps even make a commitment to joining one of the Bridge The Gap events.

There is no reason why we cannot provide health insurance for our citizens. We’re better than this.

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