Endless Summer?

Isn’t today supposed to be the first day of Summer?

Busy day today – I’m very exhausted, just a symptom of how easily I become exhausted these days…

8:15 -Dropped of Hannah at Bus Stop

8:30 – Drove Gerry to rental car place so he could be signed on as a drive to my rental car (replacement while they fix the car I racked up driving from Texas to WV)

8:45 – Finish silk “corset cover” in Spirit Trails Fiber – I think it turned out rather well.. (A kit will be available through Spirit Trail Fibers in the coming weeks…)

9:45 – Drop off Max at Bus

10:00 – Package a dozen book orders

10:30 – Finish baby dress for neighbor (gift)

11:00 – Yoga / Knitting time

1:30 – Kids home

2:00 – Sign Hannah up at library for Summer Book Club

3:00 – Go to bank

3:15 – Find out Troop 333 balance is $750 less than I thought

3:20 – get miffed at teller

3:25 – get miffed at bank manager

3:30 – talk police officer out of parking ticket

3:40 – go home & check deposit slips

3:41 – discover my mistake (make mental note to apologize to bank tomorrow)

4:00 – take Hannah to swim team practice (work on STF vest)

5:20 – drive kids to fast food joint (baaad mommy)

5:45 – finally check email

I missed last week so I have to go to Knitting tonight -I wonder if anyone else will be there… Starbucks in South Orange – I’ll be the one with two kids eating ice cream…

Tonight my plans are to sketch & swatch for a Wednesday deadline. Tomorrow is the last day of school.

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