Things that are pissing me off

Phone Solicitation Nightmare

10:30 – Sunday morning, phone rings – it’s a private number

me – hello?

csh – Hi, this is Hector M—- with Captain Soot Chimney Service, I’m calling to ask how long it’s been since–

me – Excuse me, do you realize it’s Sunday morning?

csh – What? (off phone) Hey, Sandy, she says it’s Sunday morning! I thought it was Saturday!

okay, at this point I should have hung up, but I didn’t.

me – Excuse me, why are you being so rude?

csh – What? (loudly) WHAT did you call me?

me – Excuse me? What are you talking about?

csh – (off phone) Sandy, you should HEAR this one!

note, my tone wasn’t angry or loud – my daughter was studying in the room and I was keeping my voice very respectful

me – what company is this? who am I speaking with?

csh – My name is Hector M——— , I’m with Captain Soot Chimney Service.

me – I’m afraid I’m going to have to make a complaint to your company, this is a very rude way to behave when you call someone at home –

csh – WHAT?? (yelling) You’re calling me a WHAT? Ma’am, I can’t believe you’re using the “N” word – (over shoulder) Hey, Sandy, she’s calling me a N—–! (back on phone) I can’t believe you’re such a racist!

“Sandy” gets on phone

css – Ma’am, we don’t like it when customers are disrespectful to our employees.

me – I wasn’t being disrespectful – I didn’t call Hector any name. Actually, ever since he began being abusive to me at the start of this phone call, I’ve been recording it on my answering machine, and I’m going to file a complaint for harrassment.

Sandy’s tone gets very nasty

css – You go ahead – my husband’s a policeman and it’s just a misdemeanor – you can’t do anything to us!

Sandy hangs up

I was stunned by this, but I’m taking a deep breath and letting it go – after I post about it here and on our local chat board…

Bush Web Ad Spot

I don’t know why THIS lovely little dirty-politics ad isn’t getting more comment on the commercial media. Go to the bush cheney website and watch the very prominent video comparing Democrats to Nazis.

Bear in mind that the earlier tempest over the ad was related to a submission to a contest and not an ad sanctioned by any one political party. Hell, it wasn’t even an ad chosen to be highlighted by but was one of several ads submitted by contestants in the moveon contest.

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