Dog Days

Actually, it’s not that hot today – we’ve had a run of very nice weather- lovely and not too steamy for early July. I was thinking of that yesterday as I was helping a neighbor dig up some Iris rhyzomes – she gave me a bundle – and we both realized that for the past few years around the fourth it’s been exceptionally hot. Not this year – wahoo!

Yesterday was my last home class until September – bittersweet. I love my students so much, it’s so great to see them and such an inspiration to my creative juices to be presented with problems to fix. I guess I’ll do more gardening this year than I have in past years – it seems to be crying out to me – I wonder if the losses of the past year have anything to do with my desire to see things grow all around my house?

Today is the parade in downtown South Orange – the BIKE parade! We love this, and the kids always take part. I’ve been attending it since my friends moved here almost 20 years ago, and it’s one of the reasons we chose South Orange when we were looking for a home in NJ! This year my friend has taken as her theme “Dog Days” so we’ll be loading up Atticus to attend the parade with us (I’m a bit worried about his propensity to try to dominate other dogs by barking at them and sometimes mounting them…) then we’ll attend some of the fun activities at the Duck Pond (moon walk, face painting, the rag-time band, model boat races)

I love South Orange – especially at times like the 4th – what an amazing place to live, and right outside of NYC!

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