Queen of the Road

Tomorrow I pack up the car again and head out – this time for Creative Strands and the many classes I’ll be teaching. Since I’m teaching on Wednesday, and since it’s quite a drive, I’m going out on Tuesday so I can settle in and get my energy back up before I tackle my class.

This, of course, means childcare arrangements – they’ll be having a sleepover with their good friend down the street (bless her mom!) so I’ll drop them off around 3:00 and then take off for PA!

I always have mixed feelings about the trips – I do love teaching, and there’s an excitement to being on the road. I find it easier to take the time in the evenings to sit and think, write, etc. – but I miss Gerry and the kids terribly, not to mention Butkis, Atticus and Pixie!! Butkis is limping again – we have a new cat in the neighborhood and they’ve been fighting – so if he doesn’t feel better by tomorrow Gerry’s taking him in to the vet’s. Yesterday at a barbeque one of the guests had some 5 week old kittens she’d resuced from the town dump – she’s had them for 4 weeks, they looked like rats when she found them – now they’re drinking off of bottles, but they still fit in the palm of a hand. What cuties! I held one and fed him for a while, totally in love.

I had to keep telling myself, “Two cats is enough, two cats is ENOUGH!”

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