Teaching in Humidity

Ah, it’s humid here in Lewisburg, PA – the way it can only be in the land-locked mountains – this is Ohio Valley humidity, Parkersburg, WV humidity, with none of the breezes from an ocean or large body of water to cut through the thick air!

The rooms are air conditioned, though – as are the classrooms, dining hall – basically everything – so it’s only very humid when walking from building to building (like when I’m carrying large baskets of yarn or books – yipes!)

Bucknell is a lovely campus – well maintained and the buildings are simple and architecturally graceful. It makes me think of Denison in it’s scope and in the way it sits on a hill. My Technique Sampler Bag class today was wonderful – great students and a nice space. Actually, we sneaked into the Economics Dept. Faculty Lounge (the secretary is a sister fiber-holic) where we were able to strech out on nice sofas for our class. There’s a tea kettle there so I’ll bring Chai for tomorrow – ahh, almost like home!

I miss Gerry and the kids terribly – but it’s nice to know I’m only 2+ hours away! If I really, really get homesick I can scoot on home for a quick kiss!

My Saturday morning class was cancelled, which is sad because it’s a good class, oh, well… This evening there will be congregating in the lounge downstairs where I’ll help some of my students through the tricky first part of the bag and also do some wire knitting to drum up some interest in future classes!

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