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It’s a shame when my idea of a really hot night is going out for a beer, then returning home to do my laundry and knitting with some of my students in the dorm lounge downstairs! Well, not a shame at all, and probably not so different from what I would have done when I was in college had I known how to knit when I went to Denison!

Today is my last day of classes – I have the remainder of my Combination Knitting Class in the morning, then a colorwork class, interesting intarsias, in the afternoon. I’m really looking forward to both of them – the students in my Combination class were AMAZING yesterday!

Only one of them was what I would have called an established knitter, the other three knew how to make a knit and one of them could make a purl stitch, but that was about it. The various levels of confidence they showed, though, was amazing!

Yesterday I took them through knitting and purling in the Combination method, then we practiced that by working in2x2 ribbing. We increased to create 4 sts in each knit column in the ribbing and by the end of class yesterday EVERYONE was cabling.

Today we’ll continue with that, then move on to some bobbles and icord. I’ll also teach them a few cast ons and bind offs – a good bag of tricks for women who, at noon yesterday, were rather dismissive of their ability to even make a knit stitch!

My goal is to plant the seed in their minds that they can really do ANYTHING in knitting that they want to – the key is to WANT to!

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