The Computer Ate My Post

I had this lovely posting all written this morning – links to KnitDad (who kindly wrote to see if we’re getting hit by the NJ Flooding- we’re not, thankfully) and to weather stories, other stuff, and of course our DSL went down in the midsts of it and while trying to get it back up I closed the darned window.

DSL is back, Gerry is fuming at Verizon and looking for a new company to go with!

I went out and bought a sketchbook and many colored pencils tonight. Very exciting! I have a bunch of projects I’m trying to prioritize, and also have some exceptional yarns I’d like to play with over the next few weeks. The past few days have passed in a haze of knitting, napping and reorganizing. Partly I’m still half collapsed from the teaching last week, partly I’m just so darned damp and dreary along with the weather!

Driving down the road tonight I found a broken old wicker chair I “rescued” and tossed in the back of the car – the kids were very excited – “You’ll heal the chair with knitting, mommy!” Lovely thought!

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