Astringent Truth

Not that I’m in any great danger of developing a super-inflated ego (or perhaps the fact that I feel this way is proof that I do have one!) but reading my reviews at has taken me down a peg today.

Here’s my page – reviews at the bottom…

Nothing the writers say is inaccurate – I certainly wish that I could afford to make a better book, and in the version that I just sent to the printer many of the images ARE clearer. But the truth is, it’s a black and white book printed on natural paper (not bright white) and that makes the images less attractive than they might be. Ah, well. Every criticism is good, if not easy, to hear – and I’m grateful for them. Of course, I also am very grateful for the positive reviews, too – a nice balance, I guess. As I read this I realize how far I’ve come since just 10 years ago – life has a way of teaching us even when we don’t want to learn.

I need to make sure that I don’t allow these comments to overwhelm my own ego – which can be rather more fragile than I’d like – and to continue on with the other stuff I’m writing. Man, I tell you, after I get through these current years I’m going to be the strongest person in South Orange. Okay, maybe not, but I’ll be able to weather things more gracefully than I ever could in my younger, wilder days.

That’s the benefit of growing older – and something we don’t honor as much as we should. Perhaps it’s because there’s a kind of ersatz wisdom that passes among many – unearned, untried, untested. I feel I’m just beginning on my quest to discover a tiny particle of wisdom – and I find that much of what I do learn springs from my knitting needles and the fiber running through my fingers.

It astounds me that we allow folks with big brains and little wisdom to make major decisions (and I’m actually NOT thinking about the First Resident, but the heads of certain federal agencies…) What I wouldn’t give for a Ben Franklin advising our government these days. We all could use some astringent truth.

Speaking of astringent, I have to mention that I’m in love with Thayers Witch Hazel – the smell is so clean! I keep it in my refrigerator and it’s the best thing on a hot day when I come in from weeding the garden. Like a brief visit to Alaska, which I’d love to visit for real this year!

On the really good news front, my favorite boy-chik and I took a walk today, stopped by a garage sale and I saw a great bike for him! The woman wasn’t sure if she could sell it (she’d half promised it to her nephew) but later in the day she called to say her brother didn’t think her nephew was ready to ride yet, so we could have the bike for $15! It needs air in the tires and a good cleaning, but I have a very happy little boy again!

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