Walking back from taking the kids to camp this morning (today is a Bowling trip!) I have a lot of time to ponder things. It’s a nice, calm hour when I can concentrate on stuff that’s hard to think about with all of the distractions of home.

Today I was thinking about beauty & self publishing. I came home and wrote a new foreword to my book, which I just included and will be in the next edition.

Also, for some unknown reason ALL of the reviews, negative, positive or neutral, have disappeared from my listing at Amazon. This is unsettling. I didn’t love having the bad reviews, but I didn’t hate them, either – I thought they were important to consider and to learn from! Now every review is missing and I can’t figure out why.

I wrote to Amazon asking why, but I doubt if I’ll get a response…

Here’s a bit of my new foreword:

I donít look great in a bathing suit, but I donít let that keep me from showing my kids how to swim. They donít care that I need to lose a few pounds in order to look better half naked at the pool – they enjoy the time we spend together and the lessons that I teach them.

It would be nice to have glossy paper, excellent illustrations for each and every technique, and beautiful art direction. However, please donít let these physical shortcomings deter you from enjoying – and enriching your knitting – through the contents of this book!

I like to think that the encouragement and instruction in this book offset itsí physical limitations. Perhaps they even add a bit of charm? The fact that youíve chosen to dive into my heretical knitting world speaks volumes about your spirit & individuality.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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