I’ve had pretty severe asthma since I was 26 – roughly around the time I moved back to NYC after living in TX for a year. It will be dormant for months at a time, but rears it’s ugly head when it’s cold and damp outside (especially in the summer)

This week’s been one of my worst breathing weeks in a few years. It’s been raining pretty badly here off and on, and has been rather damp and chilly. Yesterday was lovely, and today seems that it will be nice, too – which will help a lot. I need to call my doctor today. For me, asthma’s one of those annoyances that I tend to ignore until it becomes overwhelming – which is stupid, I know!

Enough boo-hooing – I’ve been working on a Dolman top with diagonal eyelet detail for IK for next winter, and getting designs together for submissions later in this month to several other magazines. A friend, Jann, lent me a few vintage knitting mags with some AMAZING designs that are so inspiring! The great thing about these designs is that they’re from the 50’s and 60’s, but many of them use worsted/bulky weight yarn (some in ribbon yarn) to make the most beautiful period dresses and suits! I’m not used to seeing silhouettes of that period worked up in such bulky yarn, and it makes them VERY appealing when I think of knitting them up in some of the delicious yarns that are around right now!

I’ve started a new wicker chair – side panels are done and I’ll pick up stitches for the back. The frame is very good on this chair, so I’ll be attaching the knitted portions with tiny nails. I have a few child sling chair frames coming in because the segment producer at Knitty Gritty tells me they’re interested in that as a segment (with final approval from ‘the network’) – perhaps to tape as early as mid September! A friend who was on the show suggested that I find my own accomodations, because when she was a guest they didn’t pay for hotel or airfare. In professional terms, it will be well worth it to raise my profile, though. Anyway, they’ve asked me if they could use the wicker chair on the set (if, indeed, I am on the show…) and I told them as long as they’d pay for shipping it to and from LA they could definitely use it (and me…)

Sweet Gerry was driving down the street this weekend and found yet ANOTHER wicker frame for me! This is the time of year when folks start tossing the stuff out, I’ve found several cane-less seat frames lately!

Today the kids have a field trip to the Intrepid Space Museum in NYC, Gerry’s working at Fox 5 this morning doing Teleprompter and I’m supposed to go into the city for lunch with a friend (if I can get the wheezing under control!) All 4 of us in the city at the same time worries me in ways that it never would have a few years ago. I hate that I am thinking like this. Half of me wants to tell the kids they can’t go on the trip, the other half knows that the only way to get on with life is to get on with life.

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