It’s Going To Happen!!

I got the email today from the producer at Knitty Gritty –

I’m going to be a guest!!!!

I’m very excited, and I owe a big thanks to my blog readers to contacted KG on my behalf – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve heard from a few other folks who were guests this year that Knitty Gritty has a VERY small budget and they pay for very little in the way of guest accomodations – that’s fine, it will be worth it to me for the exposure (book sales!)

They’re taping my segment on Sept 20, so I’m planning on flying out around 9/18 (Sat) and I’d love to stay through Wed so I can see a bit before I come home! I’ve booked a rental car and my airline ticket – I just need to find a place to stay!

There’s a lot I need to get done in a short space of time;

ï Work up some how-to setups (I’ll be doing my sling chair as my project)

ï Knit up a few extra child’s sling chair seats

ï Knit something for ME to wear (I never do that!)

I’m thinking that instead of dealing with shipping my sling chair frame out there, dealing with headache of possible damage and the backache of lugging it around at the airport, it would be be cheaper & easier to just BUY a sling chair in CA, remove the fabric seat and attach my knit seat to it! (That’s the beauty of the project, it’s pretty flexible and will fit a variety of frames!)

The producer has asked me if they can have my knitted wicker chair on the show so I told them, Sure! As long as you pay to ship it out and back! They want me to look into shipping costs – I barely know where to begin!!

I begin to lose perspective on what I do that is cool, and what is just “been there, done that…” – if there’s an item I’ve done that you think is worthy of bringing to LA as set decoration, I’d love your feedback!

I’m also VERY interested in visiting any yarn shops in the area! Please let me know which ones you think should be on my list!!! If anyone would like to schedule a workshop while I’m out there, it would help me finance the trip and teaching is always a wonderful calming mechanism and confidence boost for me!

Personal Note: If anyone is in contact with Kerrie at MagKnits , please let her know I need to get in touch with her – I know she’s on maternity leave, but I can’t seem to get through to her! Thanks!

Now, the big question – can I lose 40 pounds in 2 months…

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