Fried Mush

My mother in law, the lovely Elaine (who will be coming out to stay with the kids while I’m in Michigan next week… – THANK YOU ELAINE!) knows mamaliga as the traditional Yiddish dish of fried mush – she had it as a child served with sour cream. In our family we eat it with jelly.

Either way, my brain is fried, and mush. A lovely dovetail of yiddish and hillbilly culture. Oy-hoo!

When we were in West Virginia last week I forgot Hannah’s bathing suit at a Motel6 in Parkersburg. The worst part was that she LOVES the suit (it has sleeves and she LOVES it – it has kept her from getting terrible shoulder sunburn this year!) and when we stopped at the next Motel6 in Harrisonburg, PA she couldn’t swim in the pool…

As we were leaving the Motel6 in Harrisonburg, I forgot to double check the bedding for Max’s blankie and “pat-the-cat” and – you guessed it – they were left behind.

I just spoke to the Motel6 folks in both locations and it seems everything has been found, and will be sent on to me. Hooray! Guilt rises like steam off of my fried mush of a brain.


I’ve made my reservations for LA – flight, hotel, car – I’m ready to roll! I am very excited about this, and have received and am in the process of filling out my paperwork for the show. I need to do several set ups of the project (a breakdown of the steps involved in making the sling chair – something I did all the time at MSLO) and have arranged to have 2 chair frames sent out to LA so I won’t have to carry them there. I don’t really want to bring them back, so the very kind folks who will be housing me for a night or two (or three) will be the happy recipients of a chair or two!

I’m also taking out some child-sized frames to make demonstrating some of the steps easier.

Before I go I need to:

– Make my setups

– Knit a complete multi colored chairseat

– Take my current sample seat off it’s frame and CLEAN it

– Make a fitted, short jacket for myself to wear on camera (woohoo!)

– Make a list of other knitted goodies I’d like to take with me as on set decoration

– some of my lace hats

– some of my bags (Aline & perhaps the tinker toy bags…)

– My fiesta tea set (which is SOMEWHERE in this house…)

– A few wire knit pieces

– Make a list of materials needed for class at Wildfiber

– Arrange to send the stuff out early so I don’t have to lug it in my bags!

Ah, I love making lists!

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