Camping In

Life in a camper is certainly different! It’s actually quite luxurious compared to the tents and yerts that have popped up around me – and it has built in radio (which I leave on when I’m gone because for some reason I’m freaked out to walk into a silent trailer…)

Today Lynn arrives and I’ve created a small, colorful sign on our trailer. Trailer #1, of course…

I teach at 1:00 – my Combination Class – always such a lot of fun and a terrific way to start! I’m sharing what appears to be an airplane hanger with two other teachers – the spinning teacher was cranking away with her students when I was there earlier today. Something tells me we’ll become good friends, these other teachers and I (we’ll HAVE to be!)

I miss hub and kids terribly. And Atticus. Feeling a trifle forelorn, but had breakfast at a wonderful bookstore/coffee shop where I will undoubtedly pick up a few gifties for the kids before I go. Allegan is a sweet little town!

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