Writing in my blog, then reading it later and getting comments is like getting a nice hug from a friend long distance – thanks folks!

Today my two classes went very well! The first was colorwork – and although I didn’t have enough material to fill 3 hours (generally I teach it as 2 hour class and the info I had to strech the class along was snapped up by the participants!) it went well and the students left very happy.

This afternoon was borders – also a good class – and although I sent all of my students on a dogsbody errand of knitting a ridiculous ruffle so we could add picot trim to the end, they survived – we all learned something (I learned the most!) and we moved on to double knit slipped stitch edging which was a terrific way to end the class.

Tomorrow are my favorite two classes – lace and cables. Love those classes! I think I especially love them because so many folks walk into the class fearing these two topics, but end loving them and feeling empowered! Woohoo!

Today as I was teaching, though, one of the festival organizer women came by my class and just stood with a rather impassive and imposing look on her face. It was during the rough time when I was trying to talk a few ladies through chart reading 101 and she just stood there staring at them (and me!) I asked if I could help her and she said, “No.” Then after she stood for another few minutes I asked again, “Can I help you?” “No – I’m evaluating.”

I told her that she was making me feel uncomfortable – I could tell from my students faces they were very uncomfortable, too. She said, “I’m evaluating – I’ll be gone in a few minutes…” And just stood there staring. So rude. No introduction, no smile, nothing to put anyone at ease. Just a strong feeling that she wanted to be a ‘presence’ and that she wanted to be intimidating in some way. I told her that she was making me feel so uncomfortable that I’d have to step away for a few minutes, so she finally left. When she was gone the student she was standing directly behind looked up and said, “Thank you!” The other students echoed her sentiment. I heard from another teacher that she had the same experience in her class.

I’ve been evaluated before – ‘sat in on’ – etc., and there have been folks walking through all of my classes here, taking pictures, smiling, who knows if they’re checking up – it doesn’t matter to me as long as they don’t disrupt the class. This was an odd sort of feeling though – it was like the principle was coming to visit and she was PO’d at something. It kind of gave me the creeps.

I hope the only visitors I have in my future classes are smiling ones!

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