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Being on the road has it’s pleasures – one of the greatest is the fact that I’m not expected to produce the amount of work that I generally do when I’m lazing around at home. Actually, the expectations are all mine – mine and the bank that holds the mortgage…

Back to designing, writing, all kinds of stuff. I have a few projects that I’m working through, a lot of instructions I need to write and revisions of my instruction books to complete before Rhinebeck creeps up on me!

I also need to get my stuff in line for Knitty Gritty – work up the “set ups” – the step by steps worked up in physical form to make explaining a project on TV much easier. I used to do this exact thing for Martha, so it’s like revisiting a part of my past life.

The sales of the book have been doing very well – and I have ads appearing in several magazines this fall so I’m hopeful that sales will continue. From what I’ve picked up in the book/knitting world generally sales drop off after a book is touted for a few months, then it will either slide into oblivion or develop a quasi following and keep sales going for a bit. There are so many knitting books out there right now – and even more to come! Publishers who’d never thought of producing a knitting book have several in the works because – as we all know – it’s hip to knit. Ick.

With all of the work, though, being home is so wonderful! It’s terrific to wake up with one or two kids who’ve wandered into my bed after they, themselves, woke up earlier than any kid should during the summer! Yesterday Maxie and I went to the pool – my first visit all summer (usually I LIVE there in the summer) and I swam laps while he jumped in over and over. Then he wanted to swim laps and really surprised me by swimming the width of the pool and back without touching the wall. A mix of freestyle and dogpaddle that I’m certain we will all see in the 2016 Olympics…

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