Waterless Weekend

I helped a friend learn the ins and outs of Ebay/Paypal last week, and as a thank you she gave me the keys to her Catskill cabin for the weekend with the family. Woohoo!

Okay, the bad news is that there’s no electricity, no water and you have to walk to an outhouse for personal matters. Once you’ve absorbed and dealt with that, it’s an extraordinary place! We had the best time, and the kids were so happy to just be OUT in nature, walking around, starting fires (in our campsite, supervised…) and cooking hot dogs and s’mores over the aforementioned fire. The fire was definitely the high point of the weekend. Should I be frightened?

I got some great knitting in – we brought our car battery type generator with us and listened to the radio while the kids frolicked with the dog (he enjoyed the whole excursion better than ANYONE!)

Happily, the town just down the hill from where we were staying happened to be having “Day out with Thomas” (as in , “the tank engine…”) and the kids were further transported. We rode Thomas, posed with Thomas, painted pictures of Thomas, had Thomas temporary tattoos applied and had our faces painted with Thomas. We bought a Thomas ball (the cheapest thing they sold) and then all went and had ice cream and took pizza home to the cabin.

The drive up to the cabin was a bit rough for our little hyundai, but we made it! The incline on the last part of the trip felt as though it was straight up (Gerry let me drive that part of it) but we made it!

Knitting & Designing Fronts

Finishing up some projects, several swatches for my Knitty Gritty appearance and a jacket for me (woohoo!) I’m using a combination of Himalayan Yarn Sari Silk, Mango Moon Sari Silk and Oak Grove Silk/Merino Blend. I’m using the Domino Knitting technique (as described in Vivian H¯xbro’s book) and it’s VERY soul satisfying! Lots of color, so much texture – I’m in heaven!

I have a few design submissions coming up that I need to work on, and of course classes to prepare for! The registrations are coming in for the Vermont Weekend, so if you’ve been pondering you probably should go ahead and reserve a space while we still have them!

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