The Best Birthday Gift Ever…

It’s the fact that on the day I turn 43, “43” is leaving town with all of his right wing cronies. Don’t let the Verazzano hit you on your way out of the bay.

Say it loud, say it proud – “FOUR MORE MONTHS!”

Sorry folks – I try not to be terribly, overtly political as it clouds the knitting issue. I’m overwhelmed these days with life issues – things that wouldn’t really be problems if I lived in a developed nation like Canada. We live in the richest country in the world – really? Where’s my health care? Why do I have to beg my doctors for sample drugs because the real drugs I need cost hundreds of dollars?

Old song, sorry – I’ll try to learn some new lyrics.

The jacket I’m making for myself is going very well – just the sleeves to do then I’ll be done. I have a few things to work up before I fly to California, and a major submission deadline at the end of next week. I also have set a deadline of 9/10 for reworks on a few chapters of 2 books I’m juggling. This part is so hard – it’s difficult to have to send chapters to someone so they can cut them apart and say, “Well, this isn’t right for us because…”

It’s like trying to fix someone up by showing them a picture of a left earlobe of their intended date. Unless they’re an earlobe freak, it’s probably not going to be an easy sell.

My stars are not in alignment these days, I think I’ll lay low for a few days and let the beautiful weather wash over me while I knit on a jacket for myself. One thing I have learned is that you can’t force inspiration. It will come when it comes, you can only make sure you’re home to let it in because it doesn’t leave a note or a voicemail. So I’ll hang out and take my cell phone with me in the hammock.

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