Rain, rain…

It was absolutely INSANE this morning with the rain! I ended up driving the kids a block to the bus stop (and having another kid and a parent pile in the car) to wait in humid dryness for the bus to arrive. Now it’s stopped raining and it’s lovely outside. Go figure.

I haven’t written for a few days because I’ve been SO overwhelmingly busy with finishing pieces for the KG appearance, working up some new designs and trying to find time to work on some new writing. Plus I’m having a bit of residual gloom and sadness over my birthday (it was great – don’t get me wrong – but it just felt so odd to be without folks I sort of took for granted!)

I received some lovely hand spun from Bess – it was from roving that I won at Creative Strands and – not being a spinner – was saved from repeating my “Look, I have a giant hairball!” comedy routine by Bess. She took it, spun it, and has sent my portion back to me as a beautiful birthday gift. THANKS BESS!!

(It’s sitting on a chair I finished last night for KG)

Wow – the skies have opened up and it’s VOMITING water once again

And – what big news have I forgotten! My honey gave me a picture phone for my birthday!!! It’s a cute little thing, I’ve already moved my address book into it and it can take photos! Actually, when he re-upped for our cell service he got this phone and a matching phone for free (he said he worked a deal) so I don’t feel bad about the expense. And, of all the folks I know, I think a phone camera will actually be quite useful for me for business reasons – woohoo!

The picture above was taken with my phone, then emailed to me. It was a test – only a test…

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