Another Week…

Monday – yet another week – week…

The kids are on the bus, I’m working through the morning emails and getting todays shipments ready. I have several projects to complete before Wednesday (I leave Thurs morning) and have decided that instead of shipping a box of stuff ahead I’ll take it with me as a securely taped box to check in when I get to the airport. The box has a chair in it, otherwise I’d just put all of the stuff in my suitcase.

To say I’m excited about the trip is speaking mildly – I’m really psyched and also feeling a big guilty about spending the money and being away from the family, especially over the holiday. My mother in law has offered to take the kids on Wed & Thurs so they can be out at her house and also particpate in a Rosh HaShana celebration. Woohoo!

On all of my previous trips this year (except for family emergency trips) the net gain has been great enough to assuage my guilt at being away. This time, at least initially, it’s a total money drain. I’m paying for the trip, the hotel, the car, any all my expenses while out there. The TV show picks up nothing (damn!) I’ve spoken with other folks who’ve been on the show, generally their publisher picks up the $$, so I guess I need to look at it that way. I am my own publisher, therefore I need to pick up this tab.

In the long run I think it will be an exceptional opportunity to raise my profile as a teacher and author – a good opportunity. This weekend my friend Holly dyed my hair and gave me a cut (she used to be a top colorist in NYC) and I love how I look! I have some new stuff to wear and may or may not finish the sweater I’m working on to wear on the show. I’m down to the sleeves… Even if I do finish it, though, there’s a chance they won’t want me to wear it and will choose another of the outfits I’m taking.

Obviously I’m babbling, so it’s time to close this entry – wish me luck to finish what needs to be done in the next 3 days, and a safe trip, and a useful trip – and fun at the Dr. Phil Show (yes, I got tickets for next Tuesday – I’m such a tourist!)

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