Loose Ends!

I’m spending most of today tying up loose ends, finishing pieces for the show, trying to put together work to take with me on the road. Flying is a lot more complicated than driving when it comes to packing!

I’m taking a bunch of my stuff in a big box, taped shut. I hope that’s okay… Actually, we have a trunk in the garage that I may go get out and re-pack my stuff in that. It would be easier for the feds to open and check it out. When I travel witih knitting needles, spools of wire and plyers my luggage is ALWAYS opened and checked.

A neighbor is driving me to the airport (what a gem she is!) and I will be flying out tomorrow morning at 8:45 and the friend I’m staying with just sent me a wonderful list of yarn shops I’ll pass from the airport to her house! I may even visit the beach tomorrow for some seaside knittin’

One of my goals during my visit is to line up shops and guilds that might have me teach when I return to southern CA in the Spring. I have a few places lined up, but would like to get a full dance card to make the trip profitable.

I’m taking my husband’s laptop, which has wi-fi (I didn’t know this in Michigan or I could have web browsed at the fairgrounds! A neighboring camper was wi-fi equipped and I found out on the last day that he would have been happy to let me hang out near their camper to check my email!)

Anyway, apparently I can take this baby to any number of wi-fi hotspots and get online – what a concept! Between this and my camera phone I’m amazingly hi-tech these days…

If anyone knows of a yarn shop in So Cal that might be interested in having me teach in the Spring (dates aren’t set in stone yet, I’m thinking late Feb/Mid March) I’d love to know about it!

Odd to think that tomorrow I’ll be in the air at this time!

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