Leaving L.A.

Tonight I take that big bird East on the redeye. I sound like a 70’s crime drama.

Speaking of 70’s, my friend who works on That 70’s Show let me go on the set last night and took a few shots of me in the “basement” and the “kitchen” Reading Tiger Beat magazine. Cool. Way cool.

It was SO great to see him, we had a terrific dinner at a little bistro in the Valley (I have no clue what I’m saying) and then I drove home past a gigantic hand holding a car with “Hand Car Wash” written on the side. I was almost 5 blocks past it before it even registered what I’d seen. Perhaps I’ve been here too long?

Today I visited a few yarn shops I’d been meaning to peruse all week – The Knit Cafe on Melrose is as adorable, friendly and charming as I’d hoped! I spent a bit of time teaching some of the folk there my plaid technique and had a cup of coffee with the owner. What a great shop – nice variety and LOTS of terrific books. I also LOVED all of the beautiful little swap meet touches, popsicle stick lamp, butterfly mobile – a great place to drop in!

I went on to Brentwood to visit Jennifer Knits. It was a smaller shop, and I think the book signing this past weekend left the shop a bit messier than it is usually. I was hoping to see J, but she was “in the storage area” wherever that is, so I missed her!

Then driving – driving – all over to see what I may have missed. Through Bel Air, Beverly Hills (I’m at the Beverly Hills Library right now) and I’ll finish by finding a Borders to buy another book for the trip home and having dinner before turning in my car. I’ve really enjoyed this week! Gerry sent me a photo email of the kids selling lemonade in front of the house – too cute! It must be warmer there than it was when I left. Looking forward to some Autumn weather, it’s getting hot here from the Santa Ana winds.

Amazing Race SidebarAnd, how psyched am I that Chip & Kim won The Amazing Race? If the moms couldn’t win, then I’m glad the parents did! Wahoo!! It made me laugh to hear Colin keep talking about “karma” and how Chip was going to “get his” when Chip is such a nicer guy than Colin could ever be!

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