There’s just enough of a slight chill in the air this morning to make me think that it’s not too long before the retreat in Vermont! The exact location is Waitsfield, VT – I’m SO looking forward to this!

But before that I have to prepare (for):

Hannah’s 8th birthday party next week

(we’re making fimo beads and jewelry)

My Tuesday class starting at my home

My Thursday class starting at the South Orange Middle School

(so far 17 have signed up – yikes!)

My classes at the NY Sheep & Wool Fest in Rhinebeck

(booklets to print – kits to make – they’ve increased the wire class to 25!)

Sketches due for IK projects

Knitty projects due

(I’m going to submit again for the first time in months – life has been so nuts!)

Photos of my chair kit due for Vogue

(yes, Vogue – finally a bit of interest, but not in a sweater, in a chairkit for editorial mention!)

Info packets for the retreat attendees with maps, schedules, etc.

(These will go out by the end of the week)

I’m sure there’s more – I can’t think of it now.

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