Morning Ritual

Each morning I walk the kids to the bus after scooting them through their breakfast and shoe tying. This morning was so lovely – what a great Fall day! We usually get to the bus stop a few minutes before the bus arrives, enough time for the kids to drop their back packs for an impromptu game of tag, then when the bus rounds the corner they wait – impatiently – on the curb until the bus doors open (my rule, I don’t want them to get smacked by the doors…)

Every morning Max is the last kid in line to get on the bus. And every morning just as he’s putting his foot on the bottom step he stops, wheels around, rushes to me crying, “Kiss, KISS!” and gets one last kiss before leaping back onto the bus.

A nice ritual. I wonder how long he’ll keep doing it… He’ll be 7 in January.

Tomorrow I’m taking Hannah into NYC for her birthday. I’m taking her out of school (baaaad mommy) and we’re going bowling in the Village, then bead shopping, then – if we have time and mommy feels flush – a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park. Today on the way she was campaigning for Max to go too. This surprised me – lately she’s been a bit jealous about what is hers and what is Max’s, but I’m not sure if I want to take both kids out of school… It would definitely be a day to remember, though!

And I love the idea that she wants to share it with Maxie! Kiss, kiss!

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