Gearing Up

I’m getting myself prepared for the marathon that will be late October / early November.

First I have Rhinebeck. I’m revamping the books I use for my classes (I always do corrections on them after a class when I realize that a certain point can be clarified, but this time I’m reworking them visually, too!)

I’m making an executive decision to have the booklets printed at Kinkos so THEY can do the stapling. It’s a few more cents a booklet, but it will be a huge weight off of my mind!

Then I have the retreat! I’m sending final numbers into the lodge to reserve space. We still have some openings in case anyone’s interested. My thinking was that as October rolled around folks would begin to yearn for a get-away, and those who hadn’t planned for Rhinebeck, Stitches East or Knitters Review Retreat would like an option. If this is you, check out the information on the retreat!

After the retreat I have the Knitters Review Retreat and the subject is chart reading. A subject near and dear to my heart, as many folks know. I love the democritization of knitting through the use of charts (it doesn’t matter HOW you knit as long as you follow the chart symbols!)

But I also realize that charts are a great stumbling block to many knitters who are used to written out instructions. This will be a chance to guide some of those very good knitters over this hill so they can open up their knitting vista!

Then on to West Virginia to be with my cousin for her surgery. I’m not sure how long I’ll be there, but I must be there.

Halloween comes in somewhere – and I have to think of costumes for the kids. Max wants to be a dementor from Harry Potter (easy!) and Hannah wants to be – shoot, I have to ask her!

Cold report – still here. Still sneezing. A-choo!

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