Late Monday Update…

I won’t be making it to Starbucks tonight as Hannah is not well and I need to be with her. I’ve been away all weekend, I teach tomorrow, I have a meeting on Wed and I teach on Thurs. Leaving on Friday morning, so I can’t in good conscious be away this evening with my girlie not feeling well!

I’m BAAA-aaack!

It’s really good to be home – but what a great weekend we had!

Rhinebeck was just lovely this weekend – my favorite kind of weather. Crisp, cool, breezy and rainy at night. LOVE it!

I stayed in a very nice B&B in Red Hook, spent lots of time with my friends from Spirit Trail Fibers and taught 5 very fun classes.

The largest class had 16, the smallest only 4, but most of the classes had 12 or more students. I think 99% of the students had a great time (one woman left my colorwork class – I found out later she’d been expecting a class in Domino Knitting – oh, well!)

Now I have to gear up for Vermont – and also make this week’s classes interesting and fun. I’m happier than ever that I made the decision to spring for a cleaning lady as it’s one less thing to worry about as I prepare to be away for 3 weekends this month.

I came home to my improved mac, with a bit more memory and OSX installed. Thta means a re-work of MANY applications, including my email application. This part is rough – we’re hoping that all of my previous emails haven’t been deleted, as well as my address book, etc., but there’s a chance that it happened as my husband was installing the new stuff. I’m also furiously trying to get the SMTP server to work so I can send mail. Receiving, not a problem – sending, more of a difficulty.

I’m using Eudora (switched back from Outlook) so if any mac-heads out there on OSX with Eudora have SMTP tips, I’d be happy to hear them. Except, I can’t write back – at least not for the time being…

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