Touchy touchy…

Yes,the yarn in question is Touch Me – and I haven’t really had the worming and bias problems that others have had when I’ve worked with it in the past.

I think partly this may be due to the way that I knit (I tend to twist and wrap my yarn less than a Western knitter, perhaps extra twisting contributes to the worming?) I also knit Touch Me rather tightly (I’m working this garment on size 6 & 7’s when the label calls for needle size 7 – 9) and I’m careful to work up Touch Me in a stitch pattern that corresponds to my Commandment of Flat Fabric

“Thou Shalt work in a stitch pattern has the same number of knit & purl stitches over any 2 rows when viewed from the public side.”

So, having said all that, I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath that there’s no worming, sliding, biasing or other unattractive results of my work.


The car is being packed up, I’m getting ready for the trip – today I check the fluids, clean the car and send out last minute emails to attendees. I’m so excited I could plotz (check Yentela’s blog for assistance)

It looks as though we’ll have 15, which is the number I was aiming for – so I’m very happy! I like the smaller groups – more chances to get to know folks, more bonding, less chance of being lost in a crowd.

I’m also in the process of filling out forms submitting class proposals to <TNNA and TKGA. If any of you who have taken classes with me feel I’d be an asset to these venues, please contact them and let them know you’d like to take a class from me. It couldn’t hurt!

Tonight is my beginning class – the extra large one – and we’ll be starting some of the students with their technique sampler bags. Wahoo! This is always such a great project, and so much fun for those who don’t quite understand how much they really CAN already do! Once they have the knit and purl down, the possibilities are endless!

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