I’ve spent a good part of the last week trying to recover email files that have been deleted in a system upgrade (Gerry was being a sweetie, but trashed some very valuable files that I rely on to a tremendous extent…)

Anyway, if I’ve had any business dealings with you in the past year, the chances are good that I’ve lost your emails – and even worse, I’ve lost your email address…

If you’re reading this and you’ve emailed me in the past year – and it was an email that was substantive in a business sense (not just, ‘Hey – how are you – love your sweater!’) PLEASE send me a copy of that email (or if you don’t have the original, send a new email) so I can snag your address, add it to my address book so I’ll have some way to get back in touch with you!

NOTE: If I’m scheduled to teach at your yarn shop or fiber festival in the next few months, please EMAIL ME or get in touch with me, just to verify! I keep all of my information in my datebook, but some info may have not been transferred from email to calendar before the surprise loss of data.

Pass it along – thanks!


It was spectacular! What a lovely group of women, what a great lodge, what WEATHER! We knit a lot – ate a LOT – walked a bit and saw some shooting stars! HUGE Thanks to the Ramapo Ski Lodge for hosting us, and for Margaret for helping put all of this together – THANKS!! I arrived home this evening after dropping off one of the teachers (okay, I was the OTHER teacher…) and one of the attendees who rode up with me, and BOY was I glad to see my kids and husband!

Being away so much takes it’s toll – and it seems that when I get home I’m in such an enervated state that I am jumpy, ill-tempered and exhausted. I need a few days to get back on track. The email garbage has NOT come at a good time, but I’m hoping I can at least recreate my address book.

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